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Building Envelope Technologies, Inc. can standardize your building maintenance and replacement programs.

Preserve Your Investment, Reduce Cost Over Time

The Goal


is to STANDARDIZE your Building Maintenance and Replacement programs. Multi-facility school systems and corporations traditionally face a number of well known problems:

1. Lack of on-site Expertise

2. Differences in quality of construction

3. Varied operational demands

4. Conflicting recommendations

5. Inconsistent workmanship

6. Limited in-house capability

Too often, these conditions are accepted as a cost of doing business on a large scale. The Building Management point of view is that these problems are completely UNACCEPTABLE.

The Plan


is our Building Management Program. Logical, comprehensive, and flexible, the BMP offers the following services:

1. Site Inspection/Moisture Surveys

2. Recommendations & Budget Figures

3. Project Specifications

4. Specialized Systems

5. Approved Contractors

6. Job-Site inspection

7. Yearly Re-evaluation

8. In-House Training

9. Planned Maintenance Programs

10. Warranty Systems

The BMP allows you to choose those services which will most effectively augment your own in-house capabilities.

 The Benefits


of using our BMP are substantial and brings a logical cost-effective methodology to our Clients they can trust.

1. Professional evaluation of conditions and problems puts you on the right track immediately

2. Detailed specifications leave no room for confusion and costly "extras"

3. Approved contractors and Job-Site inspection ensure delivery of a successful project as specified.

4. Consistent quality and predictable pricing are

inherent in the BMP

5. Accountability-knowing who is responsible and

getting fast response to questions/

6. problems is what service is all about

The Conclusion


is a clear, standardized program that delivers HIGH QUALITY work CONSISTENTLY using the BMP as an asset management tool will eliminate wasted time, effort and money. The Roof Sentinel Management Program-an efficient way to get the job done right.

The Building Envelope Illustration


This rendering illustrates the building envelope. It identifies the structural components and common areas of concern.

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