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Building Envelope Technologies LLC is based in Ohio with more than 65 years of industry experience. We specialize in the building envelope of all the exterior waterproofing systems on commercial and industrial buildings. We can analyze, recommend, and repair the integrity of your building's waterproofing systems with proven sound techniques in compliance with all governing bodies.

Building Inspection / Property Inspection Services


Properly conducted building envelope inspections can save the building owner thousands of dollars over the long-run, by ensuring the building envelope systems are performing properly. These property inspections will prevent minor maintenance issues from becoming major system failures.

Roofing Inspection / Roof Consulting


The best roofing inspection is one that performed regularly. Too often we see major roof problems occur because regularly scheduled roof inspections were not performed. Minor issues left undetected and addressed can become major issues. Roof consulting services are imperative to the long-term care and management of your existing roof system. Without proper roof consulting services minor maintenance issues can become major system failures.

Infra-red Roof Survey Analysis

The proper application of infra-red technology can help pinpoint problems and help building owners save thousands of dollars on unnecessary and inaccurate repairs. Infra-red roof survey will identify problem areas of moisture on the roof so proper repair can be implemented.

Sustainable Solutions

We try to utilize Energy Star qualified roof products whenever applicable. Energy Star qualified roof products can help building owners reduce their energy consumption and thus reduce their peak cooling demand by 10 to 15 percent.

Waterproofing Experts


Experienced waterproofing experts can assist in the proper design and inspection of waterproofing systems. Proper design and inspection by an experienced waterproofing expert can help extend the service life of your waterproofing systems.

The Building Envelope Illustration


This rendering illustrates the building envelope. It identifies the structural components and common areas of concern.

Cleveland Ohio Building Envelople Technologies providing services and products to industry.

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Cleveland Ohio Building Envelope Technologies providing services and products to industry.
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