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Expert Roof Repair for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

At Building Envelope Technologies, we specialize in roof repair and maintenance for commercial and industrial buildings in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and Columbus, Ohio. Our team of experts delivers reliable and efficient solutions to extend the life of your roof and enhance your building's performance. We use cutting-edge techniques and premium materials to ensure high-quality repairs. From leak detection to complete roof restoration, our comprehensive services meet all your roofing needs. We also offer sustainable options to help you achieve energy efficiency and environmental goals. Trust us to maintain the integrity of your building's envelope with our expert maintenance programs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover why businesses across Ohio rely on us for top-notch roof repair and maintenance services.

Building Envelope Technologies:

Enhance your building's performance with cutting-edge envelope technologies tailored to your needs.

Envelope Consulting:

Our expert consultants offer personalized guidance to optimize your building's envelope for efficiency and durability.

Testing Services:

Ensure the integrity of your building envelope with precise testing services conducted by our experienced team.

Inspection Services:

Trust our thorough inspection services to identify potential issues and ensure the longevity of your building envelope.

Sustainable Building Solutions:

Boost energy efficiency and sustainability with our innovative building envelope solutions, reducing environmental impact and operational costs for a greener, more efficient future.

Roof Consulting:

Rely on our roof consulting services for expert advice and solutions to protect and enhance your building's topmost layer.

EIFS Consulting:

Count on our EIFS consulting expertise to optimize the performance and aesthetics of your building's exterior insulation.

Infrared Services:

Discover hidden issues and enhance energy efficiency with our state-of-the-art infrared services for building envelopes.

Over 75 Years of Trusted Expertise in Cleveland, Akron, Canton & Columbus

For over seven decades, we've been the leading authority in building envelope technologies, serving clients throughout Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and Columbus, Ohio. Our unparalleled experience and deep-rooted expertise make us the go-to partner for optimizing your building's performance and ensuring long-term durability. Trust our seasoned professionals to deliver innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs, backed by a legacy of excellence spanning generations.

Enhance Building Envelope Integ​rity with Our Comprehensive T​esting Services

Our thorough testing services are designed to ensure the integrity and performance of your building envelope. From air barrier testing to infrared services, our experienced team employs cutting-edge techniques to identify potential issues and optimize energy efficiency. Trust us to deliver accurate results and actionable insights, helping you maintain a superior building envelope for years to come.

Our thorough testing services are designed to ensure the integrity and  performance of your building envelope

Comprehensive Roof Consulting for Long-Term Protection

Our roof consulting services are tailored to ensure the long-term protection and performance of your building's topmost layer. With a focus on durability and resilie​nce, our experienced consultants provide thorough assessments, actionable recommendations, and ongoing support to safeguard your investment. Trust us to deliver innovative solutions that stand the test of time, keeping your roof in optimal condition for years to come.

Expert Waterproofing Consulting for Lasting Structural Integrity

Our waterproofing consulting services are designed to ensure the lasting structural integrity of your building. With a focus on preventing water intrusion and moisture damage, our experienced consultants provide comprehensive assessments and customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to deliver innovative waterproofing strategies that protect your investment and enhance the longevity of your structure.

Trusted Solutions for Diverse Industries and Organizations

At Building Envelope Technologies, we specialize in providing trusted solutions for a wide range of industries and organizations. Our expertise extends to commercial buildings, industrial facilities, retail establishments, institutional structures, and government facilities. Whether you're a property manager, facility owner, developer, contractor, or government agency, our tailored services are designed to meet your unique needs and challenges. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have benefited from our comprehensive approach to building performance and durability.

Optimizing Building Envelopes: Tailored Solutions for Every Sector


  • Stores and Boutiques
  • Shopping Malls
  • Department Stores
  • Grocery and Supermarkets
  • Specialty Shops
  • Convenience Stores
  • Outlet Centers
  • Automotive Dealerships


  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers
  • Factories and Plants
  • Industrial Parks
  • Logistics and Transportation Hubs
  • Processing Plants
  • Energy and Utility Facilities
  • Research and Development Centers


  • Educational Institutions (Schools, Colleges, Universities)
  • Healthcare Facilities (Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centers)
  • Government Buildings (Courthouses, City Halls)
  • Religious Institutions (Churches, Synagogues, Mosques)
  • Museums and Cultural Centers
  • Libraries
  • Sports Facilities (Stadiums, Arenas, Gyms)
  • Non-Profit Organizations and Community Centers


  • Resorts
  • Spas
  • Event Venues
  • Casinos
  • Cruise Ships
  • Theme Parks
  • Golf Courses and Country Clubs
  • Bed and Breakfasts


  • Office Buildings
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Business Parks
  • Mixed-Use Developments
  • Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Hotels and Hospitality Properties
  • Banks and Financial Institutions


  • Federal Government Agencies
  • State Government Offices
  • Municipal Government Facilities
  • Military Installations
  • Public Safety and Emergency Services Buildings
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Transportation and Infrastructure Agencies
  • Regulatory Agencies and Regulatory Bodies


  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Medical Offices
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Medical Research Centers
  • Pharmaceutical Companies


  • Tech Startups
  • Software Development Firms
  • Data Centers
  • Telecommunications Companies
  • Electronics Manufacturers
  • IT Service Providers
  • Research and Development Labs
  • Cybersecurity Firms
Elevating Architectural Excellence: Partnering with Architects for Superior Client Solutions

At Building Envelope Technologies, we understand the critical role architects play in shaping the built environment. That's why we offer specialized services tailored to collaborate seamlessly with architects, enhancing the client experience and elevating architectural excellence. From initial design consultations to final project execution, our team works closely with architects to provide innovative building envelope solutions that meet aesthetic, functional, and performance requirements. By leveraging our expertise and resources, architects can deliver projects that exceed client expectations, ensuring long-term satisfaction and success.

A letter to Architects in Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Columbus Ohio...

Are you looking to elevate your projects to new heights of excellence? At Building Envelope Technologies, we specialize in collaborating with architects like you to create innovative and high-performance building envelope solutions.

With over 75 years of experience, we understand the importance of seamless collaboration in delivering exceptional results. Our team is dedicated to working closely with architects to bring their visions to life while ensuring optimal performance, durability, and sustainability.

Whether you're designing commercial developments, industrial facilities, institutional buildings, or government projects, our expertise in building envelope technologies can add significant value to your designs.

Let's work together to create buildings that not only inspire but also exceed client expectations. Contact us today to explore how we can form a dynamic partnership and bring your architectural visions to reality.

Reach out to us via email or give us a call at ​440-590-2816. We look forward to collaborating with you!